Elastic Cable - Can be stretched up to 100 percent


This elastic cable is made from individual electric conductors wound in a spiral around an elastic core. A textile sheath covers the outside of the cable. The conductors can carry both power (up to 60 volts) and data.

Used for:

The cable is used for USB and headphone cables. It can also be used to integrate electrical components such as sensors, switches, keyboards, and heating elements in wearable electronics. Applications include clothing for hospital patients, soldiers, and firefighters, that monitors physiological data such as heart rate and body temperature.


The standard cables have four conductors. It is possible to customise the number of conductors, the conductor thickness, and the elasticity of the cable.


Use it to create playful children’s toys or create a height adjustable ceiling LED lamp with a straight elastic power cable.

The sample:

The sample has a length of 10 cm and a diameter of 4.7 mm. It has 4 conductors.  

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All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


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