Textile Ribbon Cable - Multiple conductors integrated in textiles


This soft and elastic textile ribbon contains four electrical conductors that can carry both power and data signals. The ribbon can be easily cut with scissors and integrated with other textiles by machine sewing.

Used for:

It is used to integrate electrical components such as sensors, switches, keyboards, and heating elements in wearable electronics. The ribbon is used in clothing worn by hospital patients, soldiers, and firefighters, that monitors physiological data such as heart rate and body temperature. It is also used to integrate light sources, microphones, and speakers in fashion apparel.


The ribbon can be terminated with matching crimp-on connectors for easy integration with other components. It withstands washing and drying. The ribbon can be stretched up to 30 percent.

The sample:

The sample has a width of 12 mm and a thickness of 1.5 mm. It has four conductors with an impedance of 0.4 Ω/m. The sample is just one variant of conductive textile cabling. The vendor develops customised cabling and larger integrated systems for specific applications.

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All samples come with a laminated information card. Please be aware that the cable is no longer being manufactured, so it is not possible to order it from the manufacturer. 


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