Clever teaching tool for plastic moulding added to the shop June 20, 2018 14:06

Today we added a clever teaching tool to the shop that can help designers, engineers, and students to design better plastic components.


This moulded plastic piece includes features which illustrate a number of good and bad practices when designing components for plastic injection moulding.

The blue side shows the best way to design different features, which result in lower tooling costs and a shorter moulding cycle. The orange side shows examples of bad design practices.

By studying the design, you can learn about the importance of uniform wall thicknesses, draft angles, cores, ribs, and other features. You can also see clever examples of how to implement undercuts, snap fits, axle mounting holes, and ventilation grids.

You can see the product here. We also have a sample set with 20 moulded samples of different plastics. 

6 new materials added to the shop March 1, 2018 14:57

We have added six new inspiring material samples to the shop.

1. The first is a hydrophobic acoustic mesh that will allow air to pass, but stops water.

2. The second is an extremely thin glass that can be easily bent.

3. The third is a 3D printed polyetherimide (PEI), which is a high-performance food-safe material. 

4. The fourth is a laser engravable rubber, which can be engraved with fine details

5. The fifth is a photocatalytic surface, that breaks down organic matter and many gases when exposed to UV light.

6. The sixth is a sample of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), that is a clear, tough, and flexible plastic material.

New product: Shape Memory Metal Paper Clip July 23, 2015 16:48

We have added two different shape memory metal paper clips to the shop. The metal has some really strange properties which will surprise anyone, who has not seen shape memory metal in action. See this video to see what the paper clip is capable of: 

Writing for the blog April 5, 2015 16:46

MaterialSampleShop has partnered with INMATTERIA which is a blog dedicated to materials for designers and architects. We'll write about some of the more interesting materials we add to the shop and about new material developments in general. You can read our first blog post here

Plastic Material Sample Set tweeted by Plastics World March 1, 2015 17:07

Our plastic material sample set was featured in a tweet to the more than 10.000 followers of Plastics World


Our "Plastic Material Sample Set" is mentioned in trade magazine January 27, 2015 15:24

MaterialSampleShop has recently had an article in Plast Panorama, which is the largest Danish trade magazine for the plastics industry.

The article (which is in Danish) describes our Material Sample Set, with 20 different plastic materials, and how it is used by R&D departments to communicate plastic material properties internally and with non-plastic experts.