Thermoplastic Composite - Composite sheet for fast shaping of carbon fibre parts


This stiff and strong thermoplastic carbon fibre reinforced sheet is made from a thin tape of continuous carbon fibre impregnated with polycarbonate plastic. The tape is layered at different angles and pressed under heat to form sheets. The mechanical properties of the sheet can be tuned by changing the direction and number of layers of tape. The sheets can be shaped by compression moulding, which allows for large volume production with a very short cycle time, compared with conventional carbon fibre manufacturing based on thermosetting plastics.

Used for:
The sheet is used for strong and lightweight housings for electronic devices, automotive components, and luggage.

The sheet can be overmoulded by injection moulding to add more complex geometries such as hooks and bosses. Custom textures and surface patterns can be created during the moulding process. More complex shapes can be created by an automated tape laying or fibre placement process in connection with compression moulding.

Use shaped sheets for body armour in motorcycle clothing.

The sample:
The sample measures 83 mm x 83 mm and has a thickness of 1 mm. 

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


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