Taggant Marking - Enables traceability of individual moulded products


Small fluorescent particles embedded within plastic pellets (aka a masterbatch) are added to plastic raw materials before moulding. During the moulding process the particles are completely randomly distributed within the moulded part.

The unique pattern of particles on a small area of the surface of the individual part is read with special light-emitting reader and then saved digitally. The pattern serves as a unique fingerprint, allowing for the identification of individual moulded parts at a later time.

Used for:

The ability to identify and thereby trace individual parts can be used in all stages of the product life cycle. Applications include the identification of counterfeits, quality management, and supply chain monitoring.


The particle size is less than 10 μm and the particles do not change the colour or appearance of the plastic.

The marking pattern can be identified with a handheld reader or by automated inline sensors.


Use it to trace individual plastic parts in medical devices.

The sample:

You get the moulded piece you see on the product picture. The particles are embedded within the plastic and they are visible only under a microscope in light with specific wavelengths.

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


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