Super Black Coating - Absorbs light across a broad spectrum


These light-absorbing coatings are optimised for a very low light reflectance and can absorb up to 99.99 percent of incoming light. The coatings absorb light from extreme-ultraviolet through the far-infrared; typical black materials often absorb light in only a narrow range of visible wavelengths.

Used for:

The coatings are used in detectors, measuring devices, and spectrometers to suppress stray light and thereby increase measurement accuracies. They are also used within cameras and telescopes to reduce unwanted reflections. The coatings have a high laser damage threshold and can therefore be used for laser beam dumps.


The high light absorbance is achieved by creating a micro-structured surface with a very high specific surface area. Several types of coatings are optimised for different applications. Components can be vacuum-coated and it is also possible to get coated plastic or metal foil with self-adhesive backing for easy attachment.

The sample:

The sample shows three examples of coated foils. The circles on the sample have a diameter of 35 mm. 

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the manufacturer.


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