Stretch Sensor - Can measure large strain on complex deforming surfaces


This highly flexible sensor material is made from a thin silicone rubber film coated with an electrode on each side. When the material is stretched the capacitance (the ability to store an electrical charge) between the two electrodes increases due to thickness reduction and length increase. The measured increase in capacitance is proportional to the strain (stretch) experienced.

Applications for stretch sensor:

The sensors can measure and monitor strain in complex non-planar surfaces and on shape-changing objects such as inflatable devices and within textiles. With appropriate packaging the material can also be used to measure for example force or tension.


The sensor can measure strain up to 100 percent. It can be made in a wide variety of sizes, from a few millimeters to meters. Custom sensors are developed on a project basis.


Create a dustproof, liquidproof, and shockproof displacement sensor for automation – or a wearable chest strap for monitoring breathing.

The sample:

The sample is not electrically functional, but the vendor can supply functional evaluation samples.

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


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