Self-Reinforced Polypropylene (PP) - Offers high strength and impact resistance


This thermoplastic sheet consists of highly drawn (stretched) polypropylene tape. The drawing of the tape aligns the polymer molecules in the lengthwise direction of the tape, significantly improving the strength and stiffness. The tape is woven to form a textile, which is layered and heat-bonded to create the self-reinforced composite material. The sheet offers stiffness, strength, and impact resistance about five times that of non-reinforced polypropylene. It retains a high impact resistance at low temperatures. The sheet can be shaped by thermoforming.

Used for:
It is used to create impact-resistant luggage and sporting goods, and is also used in anti-ballistic applications and sheet material for sandwich panels.

The sheet is made from 100% polypropylene and is therefore easily recycled. It is available in thicknesses between 0.35 mm and 2.95 mm. The standard colour is black, but it can be manufactured in other colours.

Use it to make unbreakable street furniture.

The sample:
We stock A4 sheets in black in 10 different thicknesses.

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


Ask a Question
  • This product seems interesting for one of our researches in high-shock absorption parts manufacturing. Can you supply in large quantities ? or can you help us in get to the right contact in case of large quantities, please?

    We only supply material samples of this material. The sample you get has an attached information card with contact details for the manufacturer.