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Self-Lubricating Polymer - Offers low friction and high wear-resistance

This polymer compound is filled with solid lubricants, which are released when the polymer is abraded. The release of lubricants lowers the coefficient of friction and improves the wear-resistance of the polymer.


Used for:

It is used in machine construction for plain bearings and sliding elements that are long-lasting, maintenance-free, and lubrication-free. The polymer bearings can often replace traditional bronze bearings or metal-backed bearings.



Different base polymers are used, e.g. PA6, PA66, or PEEK, in combination with fibre reinforcements and functional fillers; the compounds are customised for specific applications. There are special compounds for high loads, high temperatures, high speed, or food contact.


Try it:

The sample is as shown on the picture. You can slide the sample on the shaft to get a feel for its low-friction properties.


All samples come with a laminated information card 


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All samples come with laminated information cards.

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