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Self-Closing Buckle - Easy operation combined with high load capacity

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This ingenious buckle combines strong neodymium magnets and a secure snap mechanism to automatically align and close when the two halves come near each other. The buckle can be opened by sliding the two halves laterally. The buckle can be operated with just one hand, even when wearing gloves.

Used for:
The buckle is used on backpacks, bags, jackets, and belts in the sporting and lifestyle sectors. It is also used for easy fastening in the automotive and furniture industries.

The sample is made from glass fibre-reinforced polyamide (nylon) and has a load capacity of 40 kg. The standard colour is black, but other colours can be manufactured on request. There are variants for both 25 mm and 40 mm wide straps.

Use the buckle instead of shoelaces for children's footwear that are easy to fasten and un-fasten.

All samples come with a laminated information card


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All samples come with laminated information cards.

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