Orimetric (Rubber Origami) - Impact-resistant and aesthetically refined structure


This soft moulded plastic structure is inspired by traditional Japanese paper folding (origami). It collapses easily when compressed in lengthwise directions yet offers high shock absorption when compression is perpendicular to the sheet. The structure has a negative Poisson’s ratio, which means it will expand perpendicularly when stretched.

Used for:
It can be used as a visually interesting sound dampening wall element for interior architecture.

The sample is moulded in silicone, but it is possible to use many other materials. The structure is designed using parametric formulas in a CAD program, allowing for easy customisation in different applications. The design is patent pending and available for licensing.

Use it for shock absorbing inner soles for shoes, impact-resistant knee pads, or liners for sport helmets.

The vendor:
You can read more about the technology at www.trex-lab.com 

The sample:
See the product picture. The sample measures 12 cm x 8 cm with a thickness of 13 mm

All samples come with a laminated information card 


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  • When will the Orimetric (Rubber Origami) be back in stock for order for samples?

    I don't know if it will be back in stock. But send us an email and we'll connect you with the designer.