Printed Rewritable Memory - Data is stored in a low-cost printed ink


This flexible sticker is printed with a ferroelectric polymer ink, which allows data to be stored in the ink. The memory is rewritable and can be written and read by a standalone device or by a module integrated in another product.

Used for:
The sticker can be affixed to cardboard or card stock, or affixed directly onto products. It can be used for high-volume consumer applications such as personalised toys, loyalty cards, collectible card games, and interactive board games. It is possible to integrate the technology with antennas and sensors to create fully printed systems, such as data loggers or product authenticity indicators.

The first-generation printed memory holds 20 bits of data, but capacity is expected to rise as the technology is improved. The memory sticker has an expected life span of more than 10 years; it is resistant to water and impervious to magnetic exposure. The printed layer does not contain any semiconductor materials or toxic materials. The memory is printed in a high-volume roll-to-roll process and the price can be as low as a few cents apiece.

The sample:
You need the reader/writer to access the information stored on the sample, but you can use the sample to see and feel the ink. 
All samples come with a laminated information card 


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