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Polynorbornene Rubber - Offers excellent damping properties

Polynorbornene rubber compounds (rubber mixed with different additives) offers excellent shock absorption and damping properties (aka high hysteresis). The rubber can be mixed with a large volume of plasticiser, compared with other types of rubbers, to achieve a very low hardness.

Used for:
It is used in applications where shock absorption, anti-vibration, or noise reduction is needed. Applications include machine feet for vibrating machines, rubber parts in vehicles, dampers in loudspeakers, shoe soles, body protectors in sports, and bumpers.

All standard rubber-processing techniques can be used with polynorbornene rubber before it is vulcanised to form a stable cross-linked rubber. The rubber is not resistant to oils and has an upper temperature limit of around 90°C.

Design an anti-vibration glove for construction workers operating vibrating compactors.

Try it:
Drop the balls from the same height to compare. The bouncy ball is made from polychloroprene rubber (aka Neoprene); the other ball is made from polynorbornene rubber.

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Here is a video with a demonstration of the balls



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All samples come with laminated information cards.

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