Polycaprolactone Plastic Sheet and Mesh (Varaform) - Melts at just 60°C


This plastic sheet and mesh has a melting point of only 60°C, which means it can be shaped by hand after a few minutes in hot water or by blowing at it with a hair dryer. It can be reheated and reshaped again and again. The sheet will stick to itself when melted and it is therefore possible to stack layers to get more rigidity.

Used for:
The plastic used is polycaprolactone which is originally an industrial polymer with applications in, for example, hot-melt glue and laminating pouches. The polycaprolactone mesh is widely used instead of traditional gypsum plaster for setting broken bones. It is also used for model making and prototyping. It can be heated and applied easily on statues, figures, or other objects to reproduce the underlying geometry.

The sheet and mesh is impregnated cotton. It takes 1 to 2 minutes to heat the plastic in hot water and it stays soft for 2 to 3 minutes. You can always reheat it to soften it. Polycaprolactone is non-hazardous and biodegradable. Polycaprolactone in the form of granules is also sold under the names Shapelock (US), Polymorph (UK), Instamorph, and Friendly Plastic. 

We sell sheets in sizes of 45 cm x 60 cm in three different variants:
  • Heavy mesh - has good rigidity - Weight: 920 g/m² - Thickness: ~2 mm
  • Light mesh - thinner, allows a more precise moulding - Weight: 760 g/m² - Thickness: ~1.5 mm
  • Thin sheet - non-perforated sheet - Weight 350 g/m² - Thickness: ~0.3 mm

Please contact us if you need larger quantities or have questions regarding the material.

This sample comes without an information card. 


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  • I'm interested in your heat formable mesh (heavy). Do you have a supplier in the UK I can contact?

    We don't have a supplier in the UK, but we ship it worldwide.