One-way Moisture Transfer Fabric - Moves moisture in only one direction through the fabric


This polyester fabric moves moisture from the inner side to the outer side by capillary action (wicking). The moisture can move in only one direction and is quickly isolated on the outside surface, from where it can evaporate, leaving the inner surface dry.

Used for:
It is used for work and sports clothing which greatly reduce the cold wet feel during exercise that most polyester and cotton fabrics are known for.

The inner side of the fabric is treated to be more hydrophobic than the outer side and there is therefore a hydrophilicity gradient through the thickness of the fabric (gradation of surface tension). This causes a capillary pull whichs moves moisture from the high-hydrophilicity side to the low-hydrophilicity side. The treatment is applied on polyester, but it can also work on other textile materials.

Try it:
Pour water onto the sample (the inner side is the one with the roughest finish). Wait two minutes and push a paper tissue against each side. We have tested the textile at MaterialSampleShop, and it works surprisingly well.

The sample:
You get a 10 cm x 10 piece as seen on the product picture.   
All samples come with a laminated information card.


Ask a Question
  • Can the textile function as a one-way membrane between two liquids? So that the liquid on side A can pass to side B, but not the other way around?

    I'm very sure it will not work. The textile is permeable from both sides, so it will get soaked and water will be able to move both ways through the textile. 

  • How can I buy a large piece that I can actually use to assemble something?

    We only sell the small sample where you can test the functionality. To get larger volumes you have to contact the supplier which is listed on the information card attached to the sample,

  • Does it move only water? Would it do the same for a light oil?

    We don't know if it will work with oil or if it has been tested.