Nanodiamonds - Can significantly improve the properties of other materials


Nanodiamonds are made from the detonation of carbon-containing explosives. With a particle size range of 4 to 6 nm and a very high surface area, nanodiamonds can form strong bonds with a variety of other materials.

Used for:
Nanodiamonds are added in small concentrations (typically less than 1 percent) to other materials to significantly improve the material properties. The diamonds are added to lubricating oils to reduce friction between pistons and engine walls. They are also added to electroplating chemistries where they are incorporated into the plating and thereby increasing hardness and wear resistance by up to 200 percent. Because of their hardness and small particle size, nanodiamonds are used in polishing pastes that produce very smooth surfaces.

The diamonds are available as either powder or liquid dispersion, with different chemically functionalised surfaces for different applications.

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.