Monosandwich Injection Moulding - Produces parts with different skin and core materials


The barrel of a standard injection moulding machine is filled with two types of plastic, with a different type of plastic at each end of the barrel. Both plastics are injected in one step from the barrel into a standard mould, where the first material that enters the mould forms a skin as it solidifies on contact with the mould surface. The second material follows the first; it fills the mould and forms the core of the moulded part.

Used for:
The process is used to produce rigid parts with good strength combined with a soft elastomeric skin. It is used for arm rests for office chairs, chair seats, grips, and wrap-around headphones.

It is also possible to make a foamed core with a solid skin, which reduces material consumption and thereby weight and cost. The core can be made from low-cost compounds, unsightly fiber-reinforced plastic, or discoloured recycled plastic, without impairing the look of the moulded part.

Use the process produce toys with a nice soft feel.

The sample:
The sample is a handle with a soft touch that has been cut to reveal the rigid core material.

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the manufacturer.


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