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Micro Colour Code Particles - System for legally binding counterfeit protection

These micro colour particles are made with a sequence of coloured layers that can be read under a microscope. The particles are produced with a unique colour code for each user or application; they therefore function as a “fingerprint” that unambiguously identifies the authenticity of any object on which the particle is found. The smallest particles measure just 8 micrometers across and are therefore invisible to the naked eye.

Used for:
The particles are applied on products, packaging, or documents where the absence of particles will indicate counterfeiting. The particles also allow for production and supply chain traceability.

A range of application methods allows the particles to be applied on most materials. The particles can have from four to ten coloured layers, which allows for the production of 4.35 billion unique codes.

Use the particles for covert marking of valuable objects, where they will prove the ownership in case of theft.

The sample:
The sample is a hologram sticker where the particles are located in a white spot at the center of sticker. You will need a microscope to see them. 

All samples come with a laminated information card

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All samples come with laminated information cards.

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