Liquid Crystal Polymer Fibre (Vectran®) - High-strength fibre with very little creep


This high-performance fibre is spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP); it has high strength, very low creep (will not stretch with time), and good thermal and chemical stability.

Used for:
The fibre is often chosen over other types of fibres (e.g. aramid or high-modulus polyethylene) for its high abrasion resistance and low creep. It is used as reinforcement for ropes, cables, sailcloth, advanced composite materials, protective apparel, and high-pressure inflatables. In the recreation industry it is used in reinforced boat hulls, fishing rods and lines, golf clubs, bicycle forks, skis, tennis rackets, and snowboards.

The fibre has a Young's modulus of 75 GPa and a tensile strength of 3.2 GPa, which gives it a strength-to-weight ratio five times higher than steels. LCP fibre, like most other types of fibre, will degrade if exposed to UV light for prolonged periods. The fibre is not significantly affected by humidity.

The sample:
The sample is a rope made from liquid crystal polymer fibre. It has a diameter of 3 mm. The price is per meter of rope.

All samples come with a laminated information card   


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