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Impact Indicator - Indicator that monitors shocks exceeding a set limit

This mechanical indicator will display whether an impact exceeding a specific G limit has occurred. The indicator housing has two separate compartments each containing a small metal weight and a thin metal leaf spring. An impact to the indicator will move the weight, flipping the spring, which causes the colour in the arrow-shaped window to change from red to blue.

Used for:
It is used on packaging and containers to monitor possible shipment damage.

The indicator is activated only when impacted lengthwise. Three units are therefore needed to provide complete three-dimensional monitoring in six directions. The indicator is available in six G ranges, from 5G to 100G in both a resettable and a non-resettable format.

Use the indicator as a "death indicator" on toy action figures.

The sample:
Remove the metal safety pin and drop the indicator on a hard surface. Notice that it works only if impacted lengthwise. You can reset the indicator by pushing a pin through the small holes marked with arrows.

All samples come with a laminated information card 


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All samples come with laminated information cards.

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