Heatshrink Solder Sleeve - Connects wires electrically and mechanically


This heat-shrinkable sleeve incorporates a ring of a low-melting-point solder and two rings of thermoplastic glue (red colour). The sleeve is pulled over one of the wires before the uninsulated wire ends are twisted. The sleeve is repositioned to make the solder cover the uninsulated wire ends, then heated with a heat gun, shrinking the sleeve and melting both solder and glue. The solder connects the conductors and the glue fastens and secures the wire insulation.

Applications for solder sleeves:

The sleeve is used to make fast, easy, and reliable splices of electrical wire ends in one operation. It is used for wire connections in the automotive and maritime industries.


The glue makes the splice watertight. Solder sleeves can also be used to connect one wire end to several wire ends.


Include the sleeves in electronic kits for children where the kids can connect wires without using a soldering iron.

The sample:

You get a shrunk sample on a wire and an unshrunk sample.

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


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