Foam Bonding Tape - Strong resilient tape


This high-strength tape has a soft foam core, which ensures even stress distribution and good adhesion to irregular surfaces. It bonds metals, plastics, and glass, eliminating the need for screws, rivets, or welds. The tape’s softness provides sealing, cushioning, and impact resistance not provided by mechanical fasteners or liquid adhesives.

Used for:
It is used for permanent bonding in products ranging from refrigerators to cell phones, façade systems to vehicles. The tape is also used to seal assemblies to prevent intrusion of liquids, air, sound, or gases.

It is available in various thicknesses and with different adhesive chemistries, that are tailored for specific substrates and for outdoor and indoor use. It can be die-cut to any shape for design flexibility. The softness of the tape provides good adhesion in applications where two bonded surfaces may expand and contract differently.

Use the tape to assemble machinery and electronics, that can be disassembled with a stanley knife at the recycling centre.

The sample:
You get 1/2 meter of tape with a width of 19 mm and two acrylic plates, that are bonded with the tape - see the product picture.

All samples come with a laminated information card.


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