Flocked Foam - Foam with a very soft and pleasant surface treatment


A soft polyurethane foam is coated with an adhesive before tiny synthetic fibres are propelled towards the foam by an electrostatic field. This orients the fibres perpendicularly to the surface of the foam before they attach to the adhesive.

Applications for flocked foam:

Flocked foam is used for packaging and displays for delicate jewellery, watches, antique coins, expensive pens, and spectacles. It is used for microphone caps, make-up sponges, and paint rollers. Flocked surfaces are also used for noise dampening and for thermal insulation.


Different flocking qualities are available. There are 21 standard colours and custom shades can be developed on request. The flocked foam can be further processed by stamping and thermal compression.


Use flocked foam for a small lightweight travel pillow.

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


Ask a Question
  • What type of adhesive is used?

    It is typically an acrylic adhesive that is sprayed onto the surface before the flocking fibres are applied.