Bolt Securing System - Relies on a wedge locking mechanism rather than friction


The bolt securing system uses two washers with a special geometry that creates a wedge locking mechanism when inserted under a bolt. The wedge locking mechanism means this system doesn't rely on friction like other bolt securing systems.

What is the bolt securing system used for:

The system is used when a bolted joint is subject to vibrations and dynamic loads. A common application is in machine construction in industries such as mining, offshore, and energy generation.


Product range: Steel washers M3 to M130. Stainless steel washers M3 to M80. They are also available with a large outer diameter.

The sample: 

The sample consists of a demonstration unit (shaped as a bottle opener) and a loose set of locking rings. 

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


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