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Activated Carbon Cloth - Adsorbs odours and vapours

This activated carbon cloth has a microporous structure that gives it a surface area of more than 1000 m² per gram. The large surface area and strong electrostatic forces within the cloth allow the fabric to adsorb a large volume of organic or inorganic molecules from gases and liquids. The fabric also has antimicrobial properties.

Used for:
It is used in the healthcare industry for antimicrobial wound dressings and odour filters for ostomy bags. It is also used for air purification filters for air-conditioning installations, vacuum cleaners, and respiratory masks. You can get a special activated carbon pad that removes the odour from flatulence as it leaves the underpants.

The activated carbon will lose its effect once it is saturated. The cloth is well-suited for use in applications with high humidity as its adsorption capacity is less adversely affected by moisture than solid activated carbon. There are several variants available and custom variants can be developed on request.


The sample:
You get an A4 sheet. The sample is the raw woven textile which has a low strength. It is very easy to tear and it is therefore often laminated with a nonwoven textile in applications where strength is needed.  


All samples come with a laminated information card


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All samples come with laminated information cards.

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