Plastic design teaching tool - Polyman


This moulded plastic piece includes features which illustrate a number of good and bad practices when designing components for plastic injection moulding.

The blue side shows the best way to design different features, which result in lower tooling costs and a shorter moulding cycle. The orange side shows examples of bad design practices.

By studying the design, you can learn about the importance of uniform wall thicknesses, draft angles, cores, ribs, and other features. You can also see clever examples of how to implement undercuts, snap fits, axle mounting holes, and ventilation grids.

It is moulded in polyethylene.

Used for:

The piece is used as a teaching tool for designers of plastic components, mould makers, and design and engineering students. 

The sample:

The sample has the dimensions 95 mm x 80 mm x 17 mm. With the sample you get a printed brochure that describes the features. You can see the brochure in the product pictures.  

If you are interested in plastic materials and design please take a look at our plastic material sample set

This specific sample does not come with a laminated information card.




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