Plastic Materials Sample Set


Plastic material sample set with samples of 20 commonly used plastics. The moulded bricks has many features to help illustrate the difference in properties.

The sample set is a good reference when selecting plastics and it is also a great tool to illustrate and communicate properties to non-experts. It is often used by educators at schools and universities to give students a hands-on feel of the plastics. This video describes the features on the moulded samples.

This video describes the features on the moulded samples


You also get a printed manual that explains the moulded features and the special properties of each material.

Deduction of VAT, Purchasing Orders, and Shipping:
Please contact us at if you need to order the set with a purchasing order. We can also deduct the VAT if you order as a registered business. We don't want the postal service to loose the set, so we send it as a traceable "Package < 5 kg": Please notice the higher shipping cost.  

The set includes samples of:

1. POM
2. PA6
3. PBT
4. ABS
6. PS
8. PC
9. PSU
10. PP
11. HDPE
12. LDPE
13. EVA
14. PVC, soft
15. TPE-S
16. PP+30 GF
17. PA66+30 GF
18. PBT+30 GF
19. PPA+50 GF
20. PPS+40 GF

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