Water-soluble Core Material - Castable material that rapidly dissolves in water


This water-soluble material is supplied as a powder, that is mixed with water to form a slurry before it is cast in a mould. The cast hardens in 10 to 20 minutes and is then fully dried in an oven. The dried and hardened material dissolves rapidly in water, and even faster in heated water.

Used for: 
The material is used to make soluble cores (aka mandrels) for the production of hollow fibre-reinforced composite parts. Applications include the moulding of hollow pressure vessels, robot legs, and cable ducts.

The cast material can withstand the pressure and temperature necessary for curing composites in autoclaves. The water and powder mixture can be degassed under vacuum, or vibrated before casting to remove air bubbles that impair the surface quality of the cast object. Before use, the cast core material is sealed to avoid resin infiltration. It is also often coated with a release agent.

Try using it for soluble cores for plastic injection moulding.

The sample:
You get two small cubes that you can dissovle in water.

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


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  • From whom can the water-soluble -core-material be purchased?

    The sample you get has an attached information card with contact details for the supplier.