Positive Plastics - Sustainable Plastic Material Sample Set - Kit nr 1


The cost includes VAT (25%) which can be deducted for most customers - more information below.  

This unique plastic material sample set, which we have helped develop, includes 16 plastic materials with a reduced environmental footprint.

The set includes bio-based plastics, post-consumer recycled plastics, post-industrial recycled plastics, bio-composite, and mass balanced plastics from leading manufacturers.

You can see all the materials on www.positiveplastics.eu

Attached to each material is a label, containing sufficient information to assist preliminary materials selection. Additional information can be found by scanning the QR code, directing you to the materials online information page.

The moulded sample has many features to help illustrate the properties of the material. The features help you to get a feel for stifness, hardness, possible surface structure options, impact of different wall thicknesses, shrinkage, warpage, and more.

The sample set is a good reference when selecting plastics and it is also a great tool to illustrate and communicate properties to non-experts.

Deduction of VAT, Purchasing Orders, and Shipping

The cost includes VAT (25%). We can deduct the VAT if you are based outside the EU or if you purchase as a registered business within the EU.

Please contact us at futation@futation.com if you want the VAT deducted, or if you need to order the set with a purchasing order.


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