Push-On Fastener - Low-cost assembly method to fix components on shafts


This fastener is designed to hold components on plain round shafts, rods, or axles made from metals or plastics. The fastener is simply pushed onto the shaft where the integral metal teeth securely hold it in place without time-consuming threading or grooving operations that other fastening solutions depend on. Once fixed, the fastener is very difficult to remove without destroying it.

Used For:
It is used in vehicles, gardening equipment, furniture, computers, and children's toys to permanently fasten shafts, wheels, and gears.

There are many different variants of the fastener available including variants for square shafts. The fastener can be fitted with a cap to conceal the fixing and to protect people from protruding stud ends. A variety of cap styles in different materials and colours are available.

Use it to fasten signs and street furniture to avoid theft.

The sample:

You get a fastener mounted on a pipe and a loose fastener - as seen on the picture.

All samples come with a laminated information card


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