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PTFE Fabric - Can withstand outdoor exposure and repeated folding

Expanded PTFE thread is woven and subsequently coated with PTFE resin to create a self-reinforced waterproof fabric with high strength and tear-resistance. The fabric is chemically inert, colorfast, and can withstand UV light, acid rain, saltwater, and other environmental challenges. It has a light transmission of up to 38 percent, which is higher than other architectural fabrics. The fabric can withstand repeated folding without compromising its strength, which is an advantage over fibreglass-based fabrics.

Used for:
The fabric is used for architectural applications such as canopies, air-inflated structures, and retractable fabric roofs used in sports stadiums.

The fabric can be sewn, or welded by high-frequency welding. It has a 15-year warranty and an expected lifespan of 25+ years. The standard colour is white. There are two variants - one transmits 20 percent light and the other 38 percent.

Use it to make public-square and playground canopies that unfold when it rains.

The sample:
You get a piece of the 20 percent and the 38 percent variant. You can get a small sample measuring around 8 cm x 8 cm or a sample in A4 size.

All samples come with a laminated information card.


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All samples come with laminated information cards.

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