Pressure Indicating Film - Film that changes colour when pressure is applied


This film develops a strong pink colour when pressure is applied. The colour change instantly produces a permanent high-resolution "topographical" image of the pressure variation across the contact area. The colour intensity is directly related to the level of pressure applied.

Used for:
The film is used to study the pressure distribution profile between surfaces. Applications include the measurement of pressure on gaskets in assemblies and the connection between heat sinks and underlying surfaces.

The low pressure variants of the film have two separate layers, where one is coated with tiny microcapsules and the other with a developing substance. The microcapsules rupture when a pressure is applied; a chemical reaction between the developing substance and the content of the microcapsules produces the pink colour. Higher pressure variants are made as single sheets. The film is available with different pressure ranges ranging from 0.5 kg/cm² to 3,000 kg/cm².

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


Ask a Question
  • What is the size of the film?

    It is a small sample with the dimensions 4 cm x 7 cm. The goal with the sample is to give the receiver a good feel for the material and it is then possible to order lager sheets from the supplier who is listed on the attached information card.