Polyurethane Board - Board made from scrap polyurethane foam


This board consists mostly of scrap polyurethane foam from the automotive, refrigerator, and foam industries. The scrap material that would otherwise have been incinerated is compressed with a binder to form a strong board with density of just 550 to 700 kg/m³. The board has very low thermal conductivity (0.076 W/m·K) and is also resistant to moisture and water. It is easily processed using woodworking tools.

Used for:
The board is used as an alternative to wood and as a core material in sandwich constructions. Because of its low thermal conductivity, it is commonly used in window frames, cooling and freezing cabinets, and refrigerated truck trailers. It is also used to build nest boxes for birds.

The board is inorganic and will therefore not rot or decompose like wood does if placed outdoors. The board comes in standard thicknesses between 10 mm and 60 mm.

Use it for lightweight outdoor furniture that does not feel cold when you sit on it.

The sample:
The sample measure 80 mm x 80 mm with a minimum thickness of 15 mm. You can see the scrap materials in the board.

PS. The supplier of this material is no longer in business, but we still have some samples in stock. You can use the material sample for reference, but it is not possible to acquire the material in bulk. 

All samples come with a laminated information card.


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