Multiwall Polycarbonate Panel - Offers high impact resistance with a low weight


This extruded polycarbonate panel offers high impact strength and a relatively high stiffness at a low weight. The multiwall construction traps air between the layers, ensuring good thermal insulation performance.

Used for:
The panels are used for lightweight translucent roof and wall constructions for greenhouses, carports, industrial buildings, sports stadiums, and swimming pools. They are also used as decorative room dividers and for machine guards for production machinery.

The panels are available with different geometries, internal wall configurations, thicknesses (4 mm to 55 mm), and lengths (up to 9 m). The weight is just 0,8 to 4,2 kg/m². The panels can be cut with normal woodworking tools and they can be cold bent (within reason). There are several colours to choose from and the variants designed for outdoor use feature UV-protective coating.  The manufacturer has a 10-year warranty.

Create a very lightweight unobtrusive table.

The sample:
You get two samples - see the product photo. One is a two-layer clear panel with the dimensions 8 cm x 8 cm and a thickness of 10 mm. The other is a four-layer panel with the dimensions 8 cm x 8 cm and a thickness of 30 mm. 

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


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