Light-Weight Metal Laminate (Hybrix) - Metal laminate with steel or polyamide fibre core


This metal laminate is constructed of microfibres of steel or polyamide sandwiched between two sheets of metal (stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminium). The laminate features the look, feel and behaviour of conventional sheet metal, but weighs only half as much— or even less.

Used for:

The laminate is ideal for a metal surface for which weight is a factor. Applications include aircraft and vehicle interiors.


The Hybrix™ laminate bending stiffness is comparable to a solid metal sheet. You can specify steel alloy, surface finish, and skin thickness — as well as fibre material and -length. The Hybrix™ laminate can be processed and formed in the same ways and with the same tools as ordinary metal. Total thickness of standard versions is between 1 and 2 mm and weights range between 1.6 and 4.0 kg/m².

The product name is Hybrix by Lamera in Sweden.

The sample: The sample measures ~7 cm x  ~7 cm and has a thickness of 1 mm.

All samples come with a laminated information card 



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