Lenticular Lamination Film - Adds an eye-catching visual effect to printed substrates


This thin polypropylene plastic film is embossed with a lenticular micro-texture in a roll-to-roll process. The film is laminated onto coloured, metalised, or printed paper or cardboard where it creates an eye-catching three-dimensional effect.

Used for:

The laminated substrates are used for flexible packaging,
gift boxes, folding cartons, shopping bags, and stationery.


Besides the visual effect upgrade, the film also improves the abrasion and water resistance of the laminated substrate. The film is supplied with a hot-melt adhesive coating and can be laminated using a conventional heat lamination process.

The film on the sample is also known as “3D Cat Eye film”.

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


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