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LED Film - LEDs light up with invisible wiring

Video of the sample from physicsfun

LEDs are attached to a polyester (PET) film with a transparent conductive coating. The conductive coating has been scored (cut) to create invisible circuit paths, and the LEDs can therefore be lit by applying a current to specific areas on the film. The LEDs are surface-mount devices (SMD) with a height of just 0.8 mm. They are mounted using high precision automated machinery normally used for the production of circuit boards.

Used for:
The film with LEDs is embedded between layers of glass or plastic sheets to create windows, furniture, and store shelves with embedded lighting. The LEDs can be arranged in almost any pattern to form company logos, pictograms, or star constellations.

The LEDs are available in different colours and sizes with various light outputs. It is possible to attach several hundred LEDs to a single sheet.

Add LEDs to attention-grapping clear packaging for toys.

Try it:
The sample measures 8 cm x 5 cm and has an indication for where to touch it with a 9-volt battery to light the diode. Only side is functional.

All samples come with a laminated information card.



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All samples come with laminated information cards.

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