Hot Melt Strippable Coating - Protective coating that is easily applied and removed


This wax-like coating is applied on metals, wood, and glass, where it protects against corrosion and dents, marks, and scratches. The solid coating compound melts at temperatures above 150°C and components can then be coated by dipping.

Used for:
The coating is used to protect cutting tools such as drills, saw blades, and milling cutters during transport and storage. It is used to protectively seal bottle tops from contamination and ends of electrical cables from moisture and corrosion. As a safety application, it also protects against accidental cuts from sharp edges.

The coating is non-toxic and can be easily peeled off. The scraps can be remelted and reused, thereby lowering cost and environmental impact. The coating will dry within three to five minutes after application. Coatings are available with various hardnesses and colours.

The sample:
You can get a sample in the form of a coated metal pipe or you can buy a larger amount of the coating to use for experiments.

Use a similar coating for reusable masking when painting.

All samples come with a laminated information card


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