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Glass Foam - Lightweight foam with excellent heat insulation properties

This lightweight, rigid, closed-cell foam is made primarily from recycled window glass (>66%). The foam offers excellent insulation properties with good compressive strength and is also non-combustible, chemically inert, and impermeable to water or water vapour. The foam will not lose its insulation properties when wet, and does not develop thick smoke or toxic gases during a fire, as will some other insulation materials. The foam can be easily cut with a hand saw.

Used for:

It is widely used for insulation of buildings. It is also used in processing plants for insulation of piping, production equipment, and temperature-controlled gas tanks.


One grade of the foam has a thermal conductivity of 0.038 W/m·K (at 24°C). The foam can withstand temperatures from -268°C to 482°C. The standard grade has a density of 117 kg/m³ and is available in dimensions up to 450 mm x 600 mm x 180 mm. Larger pieces can be manufactured on request and pieces can be bonded with adhesives.


The sample measures 14 x 9 x 5 cm

All samples come with a laminated information card 


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All samples come with laminated information cards.

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