Glass Fibre Board - High-strength board made from glass fibre scrap material


Please be aware the manufacturer of this material has ceased operation.
The glass fibre used in this epoxy-impregnated board is scrap material or off-cuts from the manufacture of windmill blades. The use of recycled glass fibre lowers the environmental impact by 90 percent compared with boards from virgin materials. The board is highly resistant to weather, corrosion, and chemicals.

Used for:
The board is used in construction, agriculture, and transport industries. One application is for stall dividers in stables.

The board has good impact resistance and a strength-to-weight ratio that is seven times higher than steels. This product outperforms most commodity glass fibre boards because of its high fibre content (up to 70 percent) and the use of high quality glass fibre. The standard thickness is 10 mm and the density is 1700 kg/m³.

Use the board for durable and maintenance-free outdoor furniture or playgrounds that will last for decades.

The sample:
The sample measures 8 cm x 8 cm x 1 cm.

All samples come with a laminated information card.


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  • Can I get pieces in the range of 300 by 300mm and 500 by 500mm?

    I can see that our supplier of the samples is no longer in business.

  • What's the best fixings to use on glass fibre board

    There are special fasteners developed for mounting composites. You can see examples of these fasteners if you search for "fasteners for composites" and click "images" in google. 

    Here is an article that describes some of the challenges and solutions -