Fresnel Lens Film - Thin film creates the illusion of depth and movement


This eye-catching 3D effect is achieved with a microstructured fresnel lens. The lens structure is embossed into the surface of a very thin transparent PET polymer film. The PET film is typically metallised and laminated onto paper or board where it adds a unique illusion of depth and movement. The lens effect can be combined with printed graphics to make logos and product art stand out.

Used for:
The lenses are used on attention-grabbing packaging for liquors, champagnes, fragrances, cosmetics, and DVD media. Packaging integrating the lens effect has been shown to significantly increase sales.

The embossing into the PET film is done with microstructured rollers in a continuous high-throughput process.

Add the visual effect to bags, clothing accessories, and jewellery.

The sample:
The film is laminated to board as seen on the product picture. You get five different samples showing different effects as seen on the picture. Many other effects are available from the manufacturer. 

All samples come with a laminated information card.


Ask a Question
  • I am interested in the Freshnel lens 3d effect on a golden PET film. Could you make some sort of film of this kind?

    We are not the manufacturer. We supply material samples so product developers and inventors can get a feel for the material. There is an information card attached to the sample which includes contact details for the manufacturer.