Electroactive Ferroelectret Film - Generates an electric charge when compressed


This electroactive film is made from foamed polypropylene plastic that is permanently electrically charged during manufacturing. It has piezoelectric properties and thus produces a small detectable electrical charge in response to changes in thickness. The film can also function as a transducer that converts an electrical signal into movement.

Used for:
Sensors made from the film are installed under hospital mattresses to monitor the patients' respiratory movements. It can also be used for touch switches, vehicle and pedestrian counting, and rain intensity monitoring.

The standard film is just 70-80 µm thick and can easily be cut to the needed shape. The sample is the raw film, which has been metalised to form electrodes on the surfaces. Ready-to-use sensor products are also available. The low cost of the polypropylene raw material means the film can be used for large-scale applications. The material can be licensed for use for specific applications.

Create a bed-exit alarm to monitor disobedient teenagers’ comings and goings.

The sample:
You get a piece measuring 10 cm x 6 cm. It is functional but you need to add electronics to test the functionality. 

All samples come with a laminated information card 


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  • I would like to know if it is a ferroelectret film that can work as an acoustic pickup? I am looking for some electret film sensor for the manufacture of a contact microphone for string instruments.

    We don't know if this application has been tried. If you send us an email we'll connect you with a product specialist who can help you.