Cork-Filled Plastic - Processed like a plastic, but feels and looks like cork


This cork-filled plastic has the look and feel of cork but can be processed using typical thermoplastic processing methods such as injection moulding, extrusion, or thermoforming. The inclusion of cork lowers the weight and reduces environmental impact compared with pure fossil-based plastics.

Used for:
It is used for soft-touch and non-slip surfaces on tools, sports equipment, and household appliances. It is also used for flexible and shock-absorbent orthopaedic shoe soles and inserts.

The cork particles can be compounded into various matrix materials including thermoplastic elastomers. Standard grades are available in different colours with hardnesses ranging from 50 to 98 Shore A. It can be overmoulded or co-extruded onto a range of other plastics. The vendor can also customise materials for specific applications.

Use it for grips on bicycle handlebars.

The sample:
The samples measures 75 mm x 35 mm x 8 mm. 

All samples come with a laminated information card.


Ask a Question
  • We make landscape edging and flexible floor matting. Do you have this material carried in EVA? Can we get a sample?

    There is actually a standard grade based on EVA, but the sample we stock is not based on EVA. I have sent you the datasheet on email, so you can contact the supplier.  /Erik