Colouring of Laser Sintered Parts - Improves resistance to dirt, water, and abrasion


3D printed parts made by selective laser sintering (SLS) are coloured in a cost-effective batch process. The sintered porous parts are submerged in a colour bath and the surface is then sealed with a resin. The sealed surface has significantly improved resistance to dirt, water, and abrasion. The sealant also improves UV resistance and thereby reduces the yellowing associated with laser sintered products. Parts can also be polished before colouring to improve the surface finish.

Used for:
It used for decorative consumer products with improved durability. Applications include orthoses, eyeglass frames, and surfboard fins.

There are eight standard colours; custom colours can be developed on request.

Create colourful customised toys.

The sample:
You get 7 coloured plates + 1 polished plate as seen on the photo.

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


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