Heat-Mouldable Textile - Can be permanently shaped with hot air


This pliable nonwoven fabric is made from a polyester fibre with a low melting point. The fabric can be permanently shaped by fixing it in the desired shape and heating it to around 100°C with a hot air gun or a textile steamer. It is possible to control the stiffness of the shaped material by varying the temperature and the pressure applied to the fabric while it's heated. The fabric can be sewn to itself or to other fabrics and can be coated and painted.

Applications for heat-mouldable textile:

It is used to make structures for costumes, artistic sculptures, and theatre props.


The fabric shrinks 15 to 20 percent when heated. It is available in both standard and heavy-duty variants sold in rolls with a width of 114.3 cm.


Use it for making models and prototyping curved shapes.

The sample:

You get both the standard and the heavy duty variants where one sample has been heated and shaped. The samples measure approximately 4 cm x 10 cm. See the product picture. 

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


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