Bark Cloth - Soft non-woven cloth made from tree bark


This natural cloth is made from bark of the Ugandan fig tree. The bark is harvested, softened by boiling, and then beaten with wooden clubs to make it more flexible. The manufacture of the untreated cloth does not use any hazardous chemicals and the fig trees survive the harvest of the bark, which regrows for the next season’s harvest.

Used for:
It is used for sustainable furniture finishes, book covers, canvases for paintings, purses, and table mats.

The beating thins and stretches the bark to four times its original size, and the bark from a single tree yields a cloth measuring up to 2 m x 3 m. The standard thickness is around 1 mm. It can withstand temperatures up to 200°C and further treatment can make it resistant to abrasion, water, light, or fire. The cloth is very tear-resistant against the main fiber direction, but has only 25 percent strength if torn along the fiber direction. It is a natural product and colours and textures will vary uniquely from piece to piece.

Use it for sustainable pouches for tablets.

The samples:
- 3 Different colours as seen on the picture
- A4 sheets of the brown variant - see the colour on the sample to the right on the product photo.

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


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  • What are the dimensions of these 3 samples?

    The small samples measure approximately 6 cm x 9 cm