Screen Printed Aluminium - Cost-effective process to permanently decorate aluminium


The dyes used in this printing process penetrate the surface of the aluminium, which ensures a durable print that cannot easily be scratched off. The printed aluminium offers good weather, corrosion, and temperature resistance.

Used for:
The printing process is used to print text and colour graphics on signs, nameplates for machines, serial and model number tags, front and control panels, and award plates. It is used for demanding applications in agriculture, maritime, industrial environments, and offshore industries.

Aluminium sheets are first anodised, which causes tiny pores to form in the surface layer of the aluminium. The now porous surface is screenprinted (aka silkscreen or serigraphy printing) with specially formulated dyes that penetrate the pores of the surface layer. Finally the pores are sealed, and the dye thereby trapped, by dipping the printed aluminium in boiling water. It is also possible to digitally print the aluminium, which is a cost-effective process for lower volumes.

Use it to decorate a board game, that will last forever.

The sample:
You get a printed aluminum sign. See the product photo. 


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