Reusable Tape - Can be easily peeled off and reapplied


This adhesive tape is made from a sticky polyurethane. It sticks very well to all hard non-porous surfaces. The tape can be easily peeled off - without leaving any residue - and reapplied. If the adhesive picks up any dust or dirt it can be washed with water.

What is reusable tape used for:

The adhesive is applied on the backside of wall hooks, sticky pads, portable whiteboards, clips, mirrors, and picture frames for mounting on vertical surfaces. The tape is used to attach mobile phones to covers and to attach phone holders onto car dashboards. It is also used to attach signs to cars, in cases where magnetic signs do not work.   


The tape has a thickness of 1 mm thick and comes in transparent and black colour. One variant of the tape has a strong adhesive on one side, so it can be attached permanently to products.

The tape is produced with a protective film on one side and the other side is unprotected. We have added a protective film on the unprotected side on the samples we ship.   


Apply it to the bottoms of glassware on boats so they will not slide off the table. It can also be used to hang posters on painted walls without damaging the paint.

The sample:

We stock two different variants of the reusable adhesive:

  • Clear tape with permanent adhesive on one side
  • Black tape with permanent adhesive on one side
You can choose between a small sample attached to an acrylic plate, as seen in the product photo, or an A4 sheet. 

Discounts for larger orders:

We stock this material in rolls, so we can supply any size you need. The cost is much lower for larger volumes and we can also deduct the VAT for EU-based companies and customers outside the EU - please contact us to arrange for larger quantities - our contact details can be found here.

All samples come with a laminated information card.

You should also check out our microsuction tape, which has many of the same properties. 



Ask a Question
  • How do you wash it?

    It can be washed under running water or with a very wet towel.