Micro-Suction Tape - Sticks to flat surfaces with no glue


This tape has thousands of microscopic craters in its surface, functioning like micro suction cups. It sticks without glue to smooth surfaces such as glass, plastic, or painted wood. It has conventional adhesive on the other side for mounting on objects.

Used for:

It is used to fix chargers and docking stations for smartphones, digital cameras, and tablet PCs on tables and other flat surfaces. It is also used for gaskets in a cellular phone assembly. A gasket made from this tape shuts out the dust perfectly, but it can still be removed if repair is needed. Guitar players use the tape on guitar picks so they can stick them onto their guitars.

The tape loses some of its suction power when it becomes dirty, but it is possible to clean it by touching it repeatedly with sticky side of gaffa tape or by wiping it with a wet tissue. It doesn't work very well when wet. It is available in thicknesses of 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm in black, and 0.5 mm in white. The 0.5 mm variant has the highest holding force.

We currently stock: 

  • 0.3 mm thickness in black
  • 0.5 mm thickness in black & white 


  • A4 size costs €12
  • A3 size costs €18 (25 % discount)
  • 1/2 m² costs €40 (58 % discount) 
  • Please contact us if you need larger sheets or full rolls   
We can cut it for you:

We can cut the micro-suction tape to the shape you need. We cut small quantities for low volume products and prototypes in-house and we have a partnership with an industrial tape converter for larger orders. Please contact us to get a quote.

Discounts for larger orders:
We offer discounts for orders of more than 1 m2 and we can also deduct the VAT for EU-based companies and customers outside the EU - our contact details can be found here.

All samples come with a laminated information card.

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PS. See this product on Kickstarter that uses the microsuction tape - the action starts at 2:32 and ends at 2:52. 

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Ask a Question
  • What kind of adhesive is used on the reverse and is it removable if need be?

    It is a strong acrylic adhesive. The adhesion depends on the surface to which the tape is attached. It is possible to peel the tape off, but it is a soft foam tape, so it has a tendency to break when peeled. You can therefore be forced to peel it off in smaller pieces, and it will also often leave some glue residue, that you can remove with a solvent.

  • Does the tape works if it is wet? or exposed to humidity?

    It will not work if it is placed on a wet surface because the water fills the holes and thereby prevents the suction.  

  • What would be the best way to clean this without damaging or reducing the longevity of the tape

    The best way to clean it is to touch the micro-suction surface repeatedly with the sticky side of normal packaging tape. The dirt that has entered the pores of the micro-suction tape will instead attach to the glue of the packing tape.    

  • What's the difference between the different thickness of the Micro-suction tape? Are they more/less adhesive? I'm looking to use it to attach power bank to mobile phones. Also, how easily does it accumulate dirt if left without cover?

    The thicker tape has a higher apparent holding force. It more pliable compared with the thin tape and it therefore conforms better to the surface it is attached to.
    It will pick up dirt if left uncovered and this will reduce the holding force. It can be cleaned again easily, but we recommend that you cover the tape with a thin plastic sheet or film when it is not in use.   

  • At what temperature does it begin to melt and fail?

    The permanent adhesive on the backside will soften as the temperature increases and at some point it will release from the underlying surface. The exact temperature where it fails depends on the type of material it is attached to and on the load that is applied. 

    The core of the tape will also soften when heated which can lead to delamination if you try to remove the tape while it is too hot.

    I suggest you test the tape for your specific application.  

  • I am looking for a micro-suction tape product with a thickness of 0.3 mm. But I can only find 0.5 mm. How to buy 0.3 mm tape products?

    The 0.3 mm variant has been discontinued, so it is no longer available.