Laser Transfer Decoration - Selective transfer of a metal layer to a substrate


A clear plastic film coated with a very thin metal layer is placed onto a substrate. The metal layer is selectively transferred from the film to the substrate when the film is hit with a laser beam in a standard laser marking machine. The laser beam is controlled digitally and you can therefore transfer any pattern without custom tooling. The transferred metal decoration has good adhesion and high abrasion resistance.

Application for laser transfer decoration:

It is used to decorate glass, ceramics, marble, porcelain, and stone with gold, silver, copper, titanium, aluminium, or other metals. It can be used to apply brand names, serial numbers, or QR codes onto jewelry, watches, or glasses. It is even possible to transfer electrically conductive materials to create circuits.


The decorated surface is not significantly affected by the laser.


Let customers customise the decoration on their sunglasses.

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


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